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Eco-Friendly North Cyprus Property

Eco-Friendly North Cyprus PropertyIf you wish to try and live in a more eco-friendly fashion when owning a property in North Cyprus, there are ways and means of doing so.  A couple who are currently marketing their property with Ian Smiths, Andreas and Rica Quensel, did exactly that and are now enjoying the benefits.

Relocating to North Cyprus in 1996, in 2005 they eventually decided to look to buy some land and design and build their own home, such was their desire to make it both personal and also eco-friendly.  Andreas, a qualified Dipl. Engineer developed the plans, having always retained an interest in alternative energy sources and wanting to integrate his ideas into the build.  As Andreas explains, “with my interest and living in such a hot climate such as North Cyprus, which provides lots of sunshine, it would be silly not to use the suns energy to help run the house via Photovoltaic.  This is the direct conversion of light energy, usually for sunlight into electrical energy by means of solar cells”.

It took a year for Andreas and Rica to build the property and they were extremely hands on with the energy side of the build as Rica says, “no one really knew anything about it at that time, so we had to get the materials sent from Germany and do it ourselves”.  At the same time, they also ensured that they built big water tanks to collect rainwater and store mains water.

Andreas runs through with us the way the system works.  “The sun is collected and stored in batteries, specially made and which last for 12 years.  From the batteries the energy is then transferred to an inverter, which makes 240 volts of power from it.  We can then use this energy to run pretty much everything, from white goods to pumps and irrigation.  The system is so simple and maintenance friendly and only requires the batteries refilling, much as you might do with a car, and that is it.”

They make a good point in mentioning that “with rising electricity prices, it should be something everyone should consider for their homes and we would certainly advise people to think very carefully about their energy choices”.

The property, built from Karpaz stone and set in 1.25 donums of Pre ’74 land is an attractive 4 bedroom house with a 1 bedroom self contained apartment and separate garage, is located in the popular village of Zeytinlik.

This property is currently marketed for sale with Ian Smith Estate Agents and can be viewed via this link Property Details - ZT022